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Kennedy at the spring racing carnival

Exuding grace and elegance, Kennedy makes its debut on Flemington Racecourse’s legendary Millionaire’s Row.

The Spring Racing Carnival is the biggest and most sought-after equestrian event to occur in Melbourne, Australia every year. It’s a parade of fashionable A-listers, all dressed for the occasion and ready to visit the grounds of the Flemington Racecourse, where the Kennedy Pavilion awaits them. La Cellula Lab partnered with Expomobilia to design this stylish two-story marquee to be a multi-function space.
The marquee’s design was inspired by equestrian sports; distinguished and elegant and reflects the brand’s important tradition and value for quality. The materials and the color scheme are designed to convey the feeling of entering a prestigious club; combining the art of design and equine grace. The prominently used wood, leather and brass recall racing stables, and give a luxurious yet authentic feel to the space. These elements are elevated by a beautiful series of photographs by Giana Terranova, exhibited on the pavilion’s walls.
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