Experience Center



Ivoclar and Iconia collaborated on the conception of their latest project; the Ivoclar Experience Center. A new type of work and meeting environment was envisioned, with the goal of offering an ideal and versatile setting in which to do business.

Iconia was tasked with designing the two-story high concrete building, along with its interior spaces. Two main spaces were created; an experiential space which highlights Ivoclar’s products and services and a large work and meeting space. Nature adopts an integral role within the design, as the large windows invite the surrounding greenery and natural lighting into each room. The generous dimensions of the meeting room allows the space to articulate itself to various functions; it operates as an executive meeting room, as well as a work and relax space. The furniture selection reflects a change in work mentality, drawing inspiration from homes instead of corporate offices, each piece of furniture is carefully selected to bring comfort and functionality to the space.