The Longines Interactive Spirit Table is an immersive experience which was created by La Cellula Lab in partnership with Longines. This dismountable exhibition is the ideal way of introducing consumers to the Spirit Collection as well as its rich history. The showcase is composed of three main elements; an individual stand, a table and a backdrop.

An individual stand offers visitors instructions which will guide them through their immersive experience, as well as an iPad that reveals animations when pointed at activations. The table is the center piece of the experience, it is composed of three drawers and two flaps. Each drawer reveals an image, visitors must point the iPad at the images to reveal various elements. The first drawer contains the Spirit Collection catalogue, the second drawer contains images of historical pioneers of aviation and their stories, and the third drawer reveals a video depicting the evolution of the pioneer watches throughout the years. Both flaps are opened by pressing a small button, which automatically launches a video. The first flap contains a 90-second video explaining the history of the Spirit collection. The second flap contains a 30-second video which highlights the technical aspects of the new spirit watches. At the centre of the table is the Spirit logo, when visitors point the iPad at it, three wristwatch models consecutively pop up in augmented reality and perform a 360° loop at the center of the table. The backdrop is composed of twelve wooden panels on which six framed pictures are mounted. The pictures reveal an animation when the iPad is pointed at them.

La Cellula Lab used Longines’ brand materials for this exhibition stand; the table’s main structure was made out of wood, with a metal finishing. It also included leather detailing and mahogany finishings on each side.