La Cellula Lab participated in and won a competition to create the new Experience Centre for Vodafone. The center was created to allow companies to discover the various services Vodafone offers, in regards to their digital transformation, as a consultant rather than a service provider. The renders La Cellula Lab produced illustrate a broader vision of the company’s venture into the future; an immersive experience in high resolution.

The main services Vodafone is promoting through this project are their 5G network, their Internet of Things (IoT) platform, their cloud and their Vodafone analytics. La Cellula Lab created several spaces that refer to these services. A success stories gallery was designed, equipped with impressively large digitalised walls. Additionally, an entire space is devoted to the IoT; where objects are smartified, to illustrate the lengths to which this technology can go. An agora was imagined, for clients to present their new products and services in, it’s also the perfect space to interact with the press and organise events. A more formal co-working zone was created, ideal for Vodafone to welcome customers, understand their needs and present them with a proposal.