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At Iconia Group we act of turning new and imaginative ideas into reality. We are able to create human-centric retail environment and generate innovative solutions to push up sales. We are your innovative retail specialist, from the flagship store to the storefront decoration and packaging


Our teams of specialists embrace your ideas, bringing them to life. Their expertise in the latest production technologies combined with their knowledge of material specifications allow us engineering a sales tool, meeting budget and deadlines.


As accurate as a pre-production, the prototyping is the three-dimensional version of your vision, permitting you to fine-tune your product or your retail environment. It’s in this phase that you will experience the first time innovation materials and original design…by real


With its own production sites in China and Europe, equipped with the state-of-the-art production machines, the group is uniquely positioned to address a wide variety of needs in a flexible and efficient manner.


We take care of the details as you would do it, exercising in « parallel » the most caution and transparency in communication by manufacturing our products in compliance with national and international laws in the fields of environmental protection, employees and consumers.


Logistics support requirements have tremendously increased within the last few years. Therefore, Iconia Group has established internal logistics departments to support our clients with efficient, cost effective, and timely delivery of their goods on a global basis.


Our personalized Customer service program provides your brand with premium service maintained by our key account managers to communicate all of your immediate needs, not only during the design, development, production or logistic phases, but also in post-delivery phase.