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After 15 years of cooperation and 4 years as member leaders of the same Group, Lombart and La Cellula, are operating as one unique company “ Iconia” - since 2021.

The partnership between the two entities is reflective of the deep and longstanding relationship between the senior leadership of both firms, all of whom will remain actively engaged in the business, supported by a skilled team of professional managers.
Blending the exceptional talent of our team and establishing an infrastructure that enables us to work anywhere in the world, position us to advance our craft and realizations without limitations.

Iconia Group counts now in fact on a team of more than 400 employees, distributed in the offices of Zurich and Lausanne (CH), Turin and Padova (I), Dongguan (CHINA) and Singapour.

CEO & Partner
Partner & Art executive director

Our team is made up of talented designers, architects and creative thinkers, who strive to look towards the future.