Invicta Headquarters


Miami — Florida

Iconia partnered with MCH Group to create the International Invicta Headquarters in Miami, Florida. Iconia was commissioned to design all interior spaces (main lobby, office spaces, lounge spaces, meeting rooms, a restaurant, bar and fully equipped professional kitchen, showrooms, a secret room, and a rooftop), as well as the main façade of the building. As a leader in high-end American watchmaking, the overall space of Invicta’s Headquarters was conceived to be a gallery of innovative excellence.

The design scheme revolves around excellence, artistry, creativity and glee, while remaining grounded with Swiss quality and Italian finesse. Invicta’s iconic aviation theme is well represented, as visitors journey through each space, following a small plane from one room to the other. The use of noble materials and a well-defined color palette brings a premium feel to each individual space. The design echoes Invicta’s desire to bring excellence to each detail.

Iconia created complex spaces which mix classic arrangements with technology. Special elements such as the main lobby’s one-of-a-kind curved staircase ramp made of yellow-tinted glass, were conceived in Switzerland before being imported to the United States to be installed. Another note-worthy element is the digital sky which was installed in the restaurant area of the building, offering a new take on insideoutside design. A secret room was created, which visitors can access by activating a sensor hidden in an average-looking library. The space is adorned by dark floor-toceiling mirrors, with a 1-shaped counter over which first production watches seem to levitate.

Thanks to the creativity of Italian interior architecture, and the excellence of MCH’s engineering, production and execution, Iconia succeeded in bringing an impressive project to life, which was completed and inaugurated in March 2019.